Wood Stove Services

Wood Stove Removal

Fox’s Chimney will remove your uncertified wood stove, decommission and dispose of it.As well as provide you with the DEQ confirmation number required to sell your home.

Is my Wood Stove Certified?

Certified Wood Stoves will have a label on the back of the stove confirming EPA certification.

Oregon’s “Heat Smart” law was passed in 2009,requiring all uncertified wood stoves and wood stove inserts be removed from the home at the time of sale

Certified wood stoves burn much cleaner and much better for the environment.

Oregon’s Heat Smart Program

FAQ’s About Heat Smart Program

Wood Stove Efficient Heating Source

Worry about air particle emissions, or the harmful gases and toxins carried by wood smoke have forced alterations in design, too. Although old wood stoves gave off up to 50 grams of particulates an hour in smoke, new accredited stoves emit about 5 grams.

Stove Pipe Repair

Update rusted or loose-fitting chimney pipes and elbows for best/safest draft.

When you need to service your Wood stove, Oregon residents trust our expert staff. We will replace your existing stove pipes or install new high-quality, 22-gauge welded black stovepipe painted flat black. We offer full Stove pipe service and parts throughout Multnomah, Columbia, and Catsop Counties in Oregon.